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Grammarly premium account will be one of your most faithful friends on your writing journey. However, if you really want to have the Grammarlys premium free, then you’ll need to do some things first. While the steps are simple, some of these tasks require some patience and understanding. You can also know how to get grammarly premium free here.


When I use the internet to find information or solutions to my problems with grammar, it is very rare for me to find the answers to my grammatical errors. Most times I’m more likely to find a better way to go about it. For example, I’m always trying to find new ways to solve my “word by word” problem with the sentence “I like the way that my mommy makes cookies”. If I can solve my problem using a different approach than the way that my mother’s do it then it will become easier and quicker to solve my problem.

What More Did I Face?

Another common problem that can cause a grammatical error is to change the meaning of a word to fit the other words in a sentence. For example, when I’m writing a story and I happen to have the “it” word in front of an “it”, it often ends up as an “it”. Sometimes I end up substituting the word “it” for “a” and sometimes I change it to “it” for the sake of consistency. Sometimes I even forget to change the word because I’m not sure whether it should be changed or not.It is often hard to figure out where a grammatical error originated from. This is why a lot of people ask me whether I’ve found any errors in their work. Often I do not, but sometimes I do. For example, in a short story I recently wrote a person says something like “She said…and I looked.”
However, I don’t believe that she meant to say “I looked”, but rather “I looked and was seen” – words like those are much more commonly used than she did. and so I believe that she didn’t mean to say “I looked” but rather “was seen”. Looked.
Grammatical errors are one thing, but when I find a grammatical error in the middle of a sentence, I’ll also look at the rest of the sentence, sometimes for the next couple of days. After several days I’ll make a note and when I’m done I’ll check it again. If I don’t find the same spelling mistake, I don’t write it down. Sometimes, though, it will be a bit embarrassing to check all of the sentences anyway. You can click here for blogging tips.

Grammarly has helped me alot and all I can recommend if you plan to write or make better statements, Grammarly is just right for you.


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