What is a routing number?

Normally, banks and financial institutions have a unique routing numbers which helps them to identify their agency from one to another. It is a 9-digit combination which is sometimes called transit numbers. But what is this and why is it important? 

td routing number

Routing number is used when you want to wire transfer from one bank account to another. It is also needed in other transactions such as requesting for a new cheque. Further, bill payments need your routing number. So, knowing this is important for it will allow you to transact using your bank account. To know how you can find your TD bank routing number, scroll down.

Ways to Find TD Bank Routing Number

Finding your bank routing number is easier than you think it is. You won’t have to go through complicated process just to ascertain your 9-digit number. Here are some ways that will help you out.

  1. Find TD number in check.

If you have your checkbook or check with you, that will do. You can find your routing number on the lower left corner of your check. This is the nine digits which you can find alongside your bank account number and cheque number. Just note it on a paper or jot it down on your phone so that you can easily provide it when asked from you. 

  1. Online banking

Another way to know your routing is through online banking. You can do a Google search but if you are in doubt about the information, you can always login in to your online bank. Simply go to the bank’s official website and sign in using your account. Locate your profile summary and find the 9-digit combination. 

  1. Contact bank

Your last resort would be to contact the bank. Actually, this is the fastest way to know your routing number. However, on other times, the line might be busy. So, you need extra patience for this. Nonetheless, the information that they will give you is accurate all the time. So, it’s worth the wait. 

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